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Why I bought a vending machine

Vending machines

I am always looking for ways to generate some extra money and, while researching vending machines for the lunch room at work, I decided to see if it would be a profitable venture. Here is what I found out.

The great thing about vending machines is they fall into that area known as passive income. That is, income you earn while doing something else.

The machine

I purchased a second-hand machine that holds soft drink cans, chocolates…


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How to be $100 richer by Friday

Australian one-hundred dollar bill

Want money for a big weekend? Or maybe you need it to pay a bill next week. Or you may just want to start saving more.

No matter what you want it for, if you follow what’s written below you could have an extra $100 by Friday.

And it’s not difficult either. It’s simply a matter of finding the money you waste and saving it instead.

Cook your meals for the rest of the week

Go home tonight and spend 30 minutes looking…


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Start a business from home

A simple business plan on a blackboard

Have you ever thought about being your own boss?

It can be an intoxicating thought – not taking orders from anyone, setting your own hours, and creating something special.

Most people see starting your own business as an all-or-nothing proposition, giving up your day job and throwing everything you have at it, hoping it works.

This is why so many people never try running their own business – they are too scared that it won’t work, and have too much to lose if it doesn’t.

But there is another way. And most of the risk can be minimized.



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5 Ways to earn money while sitting on the couch

Girl sitting on a couch

Ever wanted to earn money for doing nothing? Most people think this is nothing more than a pipe-dream, but there are ways you can do just that!

Passive income

What we are talking about is ‘passive income’. Passive Income is money you earn when you are sleeping, resting, holidaying in Hawaii, or doing anything else other than working on what is earning you money.

Below are five proven ways to earn a passive income, and if you are savvy enough you may just be able to earn enough to quit your day job!

Saving money



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Make money by renting a room in your home

Make Money By Renting A Room In Your Home

Renting out an extra room in your home is an excellent way to make some extra money and add another income stream. This won’t appeal to everyone, but if you are looking for extra money and aren’t adverse to someone else living in your home then there are some great benefits to doing so:

  • Extra income that could help pay off your mortgage
  • Make new friends
  • Help pay off debt
  • Protecting yourself by creating another income stream

But before you rush out and put up a For Rent sign, you may want to stop and consider a few things:


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