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Line of Credit

Line of Credit is an overdraft facility that provides you with the ability to continually draw up to your credit limit at any time for your home, car and other credit requirements.

Its flexibility allows you to pay off as much or as little as you like (provided it remains under the credit limit), and provides you with a continual source of credit without having to worry about extra application or establishment fees.


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Establishment Fee
Document fee
Annual fee

Please be aware that variable interest rates may change at any time without agreement. All interest rates quoted are per annum. Fees and charges are payable. Normal lending criteria, terms and conditions apply and are available on request.

Before acquiring this product, the information above should be read in conjunction with the following documents to determine if this product is right for you: Home Loan brochureAccount and Access Facility Conditions of UseFees and Charges brochureFinancial Services GuideLoan Interest Rate Schedule;and Credit Guide.



Interest Rate

Line of Credit
5.59% p.a.
Discount Package Line of Credit
5.09% p.a.


Interest rates effective 1 August 2018, subject to change.