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Queenslanders to withdraw from rediATM network

Since the major banks removed direct charge fees on their ATMs in September last year, Members have taken the opportunity to use the wider network of ATMs that are now available.

This sharp decline in the use and reliance on rediATMs has resulted in Queenslanders deciding to leave the rediATM network. 

From 31 January 2019, rediATMs will no longer be direct charge free when using your Queenslanders card. 

You will continue to have direct charge free access to a large network of ATMs Australia wide, including those operated by Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac, NAB and Queensland Country Credit Union.

Should you still wish to use a rediATM from 31 January, you may be directly charged a $2.50 fee by the operator of the ATM. This fee will be clearly displayed when you insert your card, giving you the option to cancel the transaction should you not wish to pay the fee.

Given our withdrawal from the rediATM network, the ATMs at our Brisbane City and Booval branches will soon be replaced with Queensland Country Credit Union ATMs.

The ATMs associated with our Brassall and Yamanto branches will be removed. However, there are other ATMs in both of these centres that provide direct charge free withdrawals. In addition, we have recently abolished staff assisted transaction fees on most personal accounts, meaning there is no fee for you to drop into the branch for most transactions.

We understand that withdrawing from the rediATM network is a change for our Members, but hope you will enjoy the convenience of free access to more ATMs than ever before.