Home Buyers’ Guide

Taking the hassles out of buying your first (or second) home

Despite being an exciting time for you and your family, buying a new home can also be a stressful experience. There is so much you need to do! Plus, because it isn’t something that you do on a regular basis, even if you have owned property before you mightn’t remember the exact process you need to follow.

As part of our commitment to helping you with all your financial needs, the Straight Talk team has put together the steps you’ll need to follow when buying your first or next home. We’ve broken the guide into the various stages that happen along the way, so if you’re part-way through the process or feel comfortable with certain stages you can skip to the part that is relevant to you.
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Remember … 

If all these steps seem a little daunting, don’t worry! As part of our commitment to provide ‘banking that’s personal’, we’ll help you through every step of the process, ensuring your home purchase runs as smoothly as possible.

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