Term Deposits


Enjoy a guaranteed rate of return on your funds with a Queenslanders Term Deposit*.

From as little as $1,000 you will receive a rewarding rate of interest, for a term of 1 to 36 months. Plus, as an added bonus, you can also select to have your interest paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually or at maturity.

* Conditions apply.

Special Term Deposit Rates…

While our regular schedule of Interest rates on Term Deposits is competitive, from time-to-time Special Term Deposit rates may apply. Speak to one of our Member Service Consultants or check your member statement for more details of our best deals.

Speak to someone in the know…

To speak with a Member Service Consultant about your account options visit your local Queenslanders branch, call us on 1800 QLD ERS or email [email protected].

Australian Government Guaranteed…

When considering your options keep in mind that Queenslanders Credit Union Ltd is an Approved Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) – regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). Even better – all deposits (up to $250,000) are Australian Government guaranteed under the Financial Claims Scheme.

The Financial Claims Scheme ensures that depositors with credit unions, banks and building societies will be guaranteed repayment of their funds in the extremely unlikely event that any banking institution fails. The Scheme now includes a guarantee of $250,000 per person per institution.

If you have any questions regarding the Government guarantee on deposits please call us on 1800 QLD ERS or email [email protected].

Large Depositors…

If you are looking to invest more than $500,000 please contact Queenslanders Credit Union’s Finance Manager, Matt O’Keefe, on [email protected] or phone 1800 QLD ERS.

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