Queenslanders Credit Union produces a range of publications:


Straight Talk is our half-yearly member newsletter, cutting right to the issues that affect our members.

Annual Report

As a part-owner of Queenslanders Credit Union, you’re able to review our financial performance through the Annual Report. It covers the profit we made, what assets we hold and provides information about our Directors and Management. Click a link below to download a copy of one of our most recent Annual Reports.

Queenslanders Credit Union Ltd Constitution

As a member-owned and operated financial institution, we must operate according to our Constitution. Any changes to the Constitution must be voted on & approved by members. A copy of Constitution is available by clicking on the link below.

Prudential Disclosures

In 2008 Prudential Standard ‘APS 330 Capital Adequacy: Public Disclosure of Prudential Information’ became effective. The standard requires financial institutions ‘to make high quality and timely disclosures of information on its risk management and capital adequacy to contribute to the transparency of financial markets and to enhance market discipline’.

The document below provides information relating to Queenslanders’ capital structure, capital adequacy, credit risk exposure, impaired facilities, provisions and write-offs, as required under Australian Prudential Standard 330. Please refer to the APRA website ( for full details of the prudential standard: ‘APS 330 Capital Adequacy: Public Disclosure of Prudential Information’.

For further information regarding these disclosures please call John Weier (CEO) or Matthew O’Keefe (CFO) on 3218 7200.