rediATM Locator

rediATM is your Direct Charge-free network

Great news! As a cardholder with Queenslanders Credit Union, you will have access to the rediATM network.

Queenslanders Credit Union has partnered with this fast-growing ATM network to provide our members with easier access to their money.  As a Queenslanders Credit Union member, you will not be charged a Direct Charge Fee when you use a rediATM*. That means you won’t be charged by the owner of the ATM because, well, they’re our friends!

With over 3,000 ATMs, there is sure to be a rediATM near you. Click on the icon below to use the easy locator to find the nearest rediATM to your home or office. Make sure to check back regularly because the rediATM network is constantly growing!


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You can also locate your nearest rediATM on the run by downloading the rediATM iPhone or Android app. Click on the links below.

rediATM Android App     I     rediATM iPhone app


*’Direct Charge fee’ refers to a fee charged by the ATM owner and does not include any transaction fees applicable to Queenslanders accounts. Transaction fees may still apply when using a rediATM depending on fees applicable to the cardholder’s account type and eligibility for loyalty rebates. For more information on Direct Charging click here, or for full details on our transaction fees download a schedule of Queenslanders Fees and Charges.